ISATAP V° World Congress

Du 15/06/2018 au 17/06/2018

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  • Madrid

ISATAP V° World Congress
Evolution & Tradition
After Schultz and Luthe

This Congress will provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in autogenous methods, its scientific bases, its neurological substrate, its past, its present and, with the active collaboration of all, its successful future. For this we have everything necessary:

  • An unbeatable venue: La Cristalera, meeting center in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid), very conducive to reflection and healthy debate.
  • Excellent speakers, starting with Prof. Luis de Rivera, worthy successor of W. Luthe. De Rivera, President of ISATAP, has recently made great contributions to the development of Autogenics, in particular:
  • 2016: TABS study (Tenerife Autogenics Brain Scan Research). along with Dr. González Mora, neuroscientist who will talk about the tracks of TABS.
  • 2017: Foundation of the scientific journal ISATAP IJAR (International Journal of Autogenics Research).
  • 2017: Publication of the book Autogenics 3.0, which has aroused great interest among Autogenics professionals, including our honorary member and only living disciple of JH Schultz, Prof. H. Walnöffer, translator and prologue of the German edition of the book (2018 ).


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